Your Ambitions Need Action. That is YANA!

I help ambitious internationals minimize unnecessary stress and settle in faster and more efficiently. Your results: you will have more career success by finding a job that suits you much quicker or doing better at your present one, find your place in society and feel not only at home but also in control of your life.

Don’t suffer in silence.
Reach out and let me help put you firmly in the driving seat of your international experience.
Take charge. Shape it. Be in control.

Living and working in another country or community with different language and habits, norms and values, and an unknown environment, means, by definition, that your needs are different. You not only face the challenges everyone else is facing but carry an extra burden of unique challenges that specifically relate to your having come from elsewhere. It is position that can feel incredibly overwhelming and stressful, and even make you miss important opportunities.

It follows that personal and professional development support services that are sufficient for a local will not be sufficient for you. What you need is access to specialist service providers that need almost no explanation of what it is to be from elsewhere, while professionally helping you tackle your specific personal challenge.

Coaching, Consulting and Support for internationals by Elizabeth Njeru in The Hague

This is where I come in.

Hi! I am Elizabeth Njeru, drs. I am an EMCC-NOBCO accredited career, life and transition coach and a certified Trainer and Consultant. I moved to the Netherlands for my master’s degree at age 23 and have lived and worked here for more than 23 years. It has not been an easy journey, but I have managed to build a great personal and professional life for myself.

In my work I go beyond the theoretical. I am not only able to help you realize your goals from my professional knowledge but can also quickly and efficiently source for you from the many lessons I have learnt and useful networks I have built in my personal journey.

Yes, Your Ambitions Need action. That is YANA!

I will help put you in the driving seat of your international experience.
You will take charge, shape it and be in control.

Welcome to YANA Coaching.

Now is the moment

It might surprise you how easy some problems are to solve when you talk to the right person. Whether you have a concrete question or a vague feeling, I will help you clarify what it is that is bothering you and help you define a way forward.

What people say

Highly recommended

Elizabeth Njeru is highly recommended; she inspires and activates!
This year I met Elizabeth Njeru. She gave me a lot of energy. She is highly recommended! Inspiring and guiding people towards a goal that gives satisfaction and fulfilment is what she stands for. Elizabeth is about the co-creation. She is a valuable asset when engaged as part of a larger project or program team. She instigates, she inspires!

Geesje, Colleague Coach, Collaboration

Pleasant to work with

Elizabeth has a unique way of presenting and coaching; she talks with the participants in such a way that trust is created, space to share and that people feel free and inspired to get to work. Subsequently, Elizabeth has such a positive and powerful attitude that she knows how to stimulate people to look outside their comfort zone and take action.

It is very pleasant to work with Elizabeth; clear communication, trust, flexibility, full commitment, we can always count on something good being put in place and rely on a positive end result.

We look forward to more great partnerships with Elizabeth!

HJ, cohorts
Amsterdam & the Hague

Life changing

My experience with you has been great, you are a great Coach Elizabeth. You inspired hope, sparked the imagination and instilled a love of learning that I had lost. Thank you.



I had the honor of attending an excellent coaching trajectory from Elizabeth. She is result-oriented and flexible to vigorously support the client in exactly the goals that the client wants to achieve. I would recommend her to anyone!

Tim, Financial employee